📈Revenue Stream

Economy Flow

Exverse will be monetized via multiple revenue streams:

  • Transaction Fees = 5% any $EXVG transaction.

    • Transaction Fees to be restructured as 5% of all transaction volume carried out in $EXVG tokens, including but not limited to $EXVG transactions related to sales and rental transactions of LAND or NFT (from Exverse to players and from players to players in the marketplace), NFT transactions (from Exverse to players and players to players in the marketplace), peer-to-peer in-game payments (e.g., entrance fees for game experiences), player subscription fees and advertising fees.

    • 60% of all Transaction Fees shall be allocated to the "Growth Fund" ;

    • 40% will be channeled into the "DAO Treasury" to accrue value to token holders.

  • Advertising Revenue

    • 20% allocated to the Staking Pool as rewards for Exverse Pass, Season Pass and token holders that stake or own Exverse Pass, Season Pass and $EXVG token respectively ;

    • 80% allocated to the "Growth Fund".

  • Marketplace Sales

    • 75% of revenues from royalties and taxes from Marketplace (Characters, Pets, Battle Pass, Weapons) will be allocated to "Treasury" which will provide rewards to Exverse players and other ecosystem participants. The "Treasury" is refilled with proceeds from sales from the marketplace ;

    • 20% of all Transaction Fees shall be allocated to the "Development" to support the growth of the ecosystem with a lock-up period of 6 months.

    • 5% will be allocated to "Team" as compensation to the core team behind the project.

All percentages are not final and are subject to change.

NFT sales

Exverse will over time release new NFTs to the Exverse universe and generate revenue, in the form of character skins, pets, weapons, or collectibles.

Professional Tournaments

Tournaments hosted in the Exverse ecosytem will require players to purchase entrance using our in-game token, of which a percentage will be taken as commission and the remainder added to the prize pool.

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