In-game skins


In-game Skins The skins in Exverse will be earned by collecting skin fragments, season pass rewards, purchasing in the marketplace, or buying exclusive partner NFTs. As a free-to-play game, the NFT skins in Exverse are purely cosmetic to allow for a fair game & give players the ability to earn more tokens tied to their rarity and traits which will be based on seasons. Weekly seasons for skin earnings are based on traits, for example, a specific head trait will allow players to earn more tokens while equipping the skin with the trait for the duration of the season.


Players will need to utilize the marketplace to merge their NFTs or treasure keys. The merging process will cost & consume tokens + NFTs. Merging of treasure keys & fragments will be tied to a success rate, with every failed merge returning a set amount of the NFTs to the player.


Fragments can be earned by performing well across our game modes, & treasure chests. Fragments will have a tiered rarity system that follows the tiers of our skins, fragments can be merged for a chance to form a full NFT, or they can be sold on the marketplace. Every failed merge will return to the player a fixed amount of the fragments with a set amount burned.
Tokens spent for the merging process will not be refunded.


Tied to all skins in-game will be a durability level, with higher-tiered skins having a longer durability lifetime. Each game played will reduce the number of durability points on the skins, and once its durability is depleted the player will no longer get the bonus earnings attached to the skin traits and season. This is to make sure there is no oversupply of skins in our ecosystem.
Depleted skins can still be held, purchased, or sold on the marketplace.


Players will be able to repair their skins by paying a certain fee and combining a skin of a similar tier. The combined skin can be fully depleted skin with no more remaining durability points.