Exverse is a company in the web3 space with a focus on growth, collaboration, and diversity which is strongly portrayed by our team's line-up. From highly experienced developers to people leaders.

Core team

Nikita Uriupin - Co-Founder, experienced Senior Level Global Growth and BD Director with a demonstrated history and proven track record working in the NFT, blockchain gaming, and web3 startups. A creative problem solver with years of experience in strategy, branding, and marketing.

Ooi Fei Hoong - CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with experience handling a vast range of scopes in the professional industry, and serves as the CEO at Exverse. Fei is considered by many in the web3 community to be one of the upcoming project leaders on web3, NFT's and play to earn market. Known as โ€œWhiteGlintโ€ he is described as one of the most forward thinkers in the web3 space - he is able to recognize trends and patterns early to help his team understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior.

Dmitry Bychkov - Head of Game Development, specializing in Unreal Engine and network programming. Throughout his career, he has contributed to projects at notable companies such as Holmgard Games and Darkness Squad

Alex Dashkevich - Art Director, focuses on bringing the visuals to life, leading with his experience as Head Of Design at Wargaming and Art Director at Playsense.

Nikita Kuznetsov - 19 years of experience in software development. Programming language polyglot. More than five years in blockchain development (Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, Substrate, Masterchain, Te zos, Bitcoin ) in B2B and C2C sectors. Projects include different social networks, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Foreign EPassport, Logistic Systems, Blockchain VPN, Ship Management Systems on D LT, and Distributed Service Monitoring. He is skilled in information security, distributed system architecture, modern cryptography, and M L/AI and believes in Web 3.0 and Machine-To-Machine future.

Business Development & Marketing

Prem Nagothi - Head of Marketing & Business Development, a Digital assets investor and an entrepreneur, has more than 2 years of experience working in the industry. He has worked in several roles leading community, business development, and growth marketing.


Ricky Wagner - Head of Community & Security, Distinct started in the NFT space in early November '21. He comes from a business and crypto trading background. He has extensive knowledge in discord integration and crypto securities as well as all layer 2 and 3 solutions and community building.

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