Clans will be an integral part of Exverse as their participation will be the stepping stones for the future of Exverse.Clans will be represented by their in-game Clan banner, which will evolve over time based on the clan's activity, ranking & participation in seasonal or tournament events.

To create a Clan, Clan leaders will need to stake an amount of $EXVG, and pay a monthly cost of $EXVG (players in the Clan can commit to amounts โ€œdonatedโ€) to keep the Clan running. The more the player pledges, the higher their rewards in-game will be when playing with their Clan members. Clan leaders can apply due diligence to see who their active members are and promote/demote/kick as required. We are introducing this system so there are only active and committed Clans & leaders in our ecosystem. This will support Exverse in growing into its fully decentralized vision, and becoming fully on-chain & community-led.

Clan reward system

  • Top 50 seasonal rewards

  • Top 15 weekly raid rankings

  • Daily missions

  • Match placements

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