๐Ÿ“–Exverse Economy

The Exverse economy will be powered by hard and soft currency: $EXVG and EXVS. $EXVG token is the primary token and EXVS is the in-game currency.

A soft currency is a resource that can only be obtained by playing the game and canโ€™t be purchased.

Methods for obtaining EXVG


Rewards for high-end placement within the tournaments sanctioned by Exverse.

Watch & Earn

Another primary revenue-generating option for players is the watch and earn mechanic. Players will receive small increments of the token as compensation


Players sell NFTs that they have crafted within the game.

Match Staking

One of the primary and innovative features within the Exverse ecosystem is the match staking pool that the players participate in. If players perform well, their reward would be a portion of the prize pool in $EXVG.

High-End PVE content

Some high-end content such as clan raids or quests will reward players with the token.

Methods for spending EXVG

  • Buying NFTs from Exverse

  • DAO Rights Some of the voting protocols may require users to spend the tokens to cast a vote.

  • High-End Clan operations

  • P2P (player to player) Marketplace transactions

  • All NFT Merging functions

  • Exclusive Season Pass content

$EXVG Overview

Earning $EXVGSpending $EXVGStaking $EXVG

Chest Reward

Buying NFTs

Rewards In-game Soft Currency (EXVS)


All Merging functions

DAO voting

Watch & Earn

DAO Rights

Selling NFTs

High-End Clan operations

Match Staking

P2P Marketplace transactions

High-End PVE content

Access Exclusive Content

Season Pass

Merging System

Methods for obtaining EXVS

EXVS will be the primary reward currency. Players will be able to obtain EXVS by engaging in all of the available game modes and functions of Exverse.

Earning EXVSSpending EXVS

Loot from enemies

Low tier Clan Operations

Completing PVE/PVP elements

All Synthesizing actions

Daily Login Rewards

Skin Repair

Completing objectives / missions

Merge Keys

Rewards from Chests

Skin Fragment Merge

Season Pass Reward

Tickets for PVP

Player Profile cosmetics

Mission Tickets

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