🔱Long Term Vision

At Exverse we believe in having a long term goal, below are goals we have set out to achieve and integrate into our universe.


The Exverse metaverse will have a decentralized collective management model. The main principles and rules behind it will be controlled by the DAO. Members of the DAO will be able to offer their proposals, which will be evaluated by other DAO members.

World Constructor

The World constructor is a drag-and-drop toolkit that allows our players to build their own worlds and game modes. Players will be able to purchase and create their own assets such as land, buildings, ad spaces, game modes & more.


Virtual music events are becoming increasingly popular. Exverse users will be able to participate in various entertainment events of the Exverse metaverse: music festivals, concerts, public performances, cinema screenings, etc.

Next-gen e-commerce

Exverse will provide an opportunity for corporations & vendors to offer their goods and services within our metaverse. For example, a sports brand will be able to buy land and set up its own virtual store, where users can purchase a pair of exclusive sneakers using $EXVG tokens and get them delivered in the real world. Our first step into e-commerce is allowing our users to convert their token earnings into coupons.

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