🎮Game Modes

The team at Exverse will continue to create and develop new game modes to keep our community engaged. At launch, Exverse players will be able to explore the Battle Planet Lobby with the below modes being added on over time as our development towards our metaverse progresses. Below are the current game modes and play types being developed.

PVP Modes

  • Free for all

  • Capture the flag

  • Area Domination

  • Defend/Destroy Objectives

  • Team Deathmatch

PVE Modes

Exverse will have game modes catered to our players who prefer to play together as a team VS computer-controlled enemies. Players will be able to participate in these game modes and earn rewards based on their overall performance, leaderboard rankings & clan rankings.

Horde Rush

Horde Rush is a game mode in which the player must continue battling waves of AI-controlled enemies for as long as possible without dying. As the game progresses and the longer the player survives, the difficulty will increase and the rewards will be higher.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions are where players will cooperate to fight in a variety of mission types (survive, defend, retrieve, etc) and earn rewards.


Players will have to team up with their clan to deal damage/defeat a boss. Bosses will have a global HP that all players will be able to contribute damage to. Defeating the boss will give higher rewards to those that have participated, if the boss is not defeated by the end of the week, players will still receive rewards. With limited entries, clans will need to plan strategically to make the most out of their session. Rewards will be based on % of the damage done to the boss.

Raids will only be accessible to clans of a certain level and amount of active players.

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