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In Exverse, all in-game marketplace assets will be delivered to the player as direct-owned non-fungible digital tokens.
Non in-game marketplace NFT's will use ERC-721A. This is to ensure that each NFT will have its own unique & identifiable token while keeping transactions fees at a minimum.

Unreal Engine 4/5

Next-generation real-time graphics technology include: Nanite for cinema quality models, Lumen for real-time global illumination, the Chaos physics engine, and the Niagara particles system.


Nanite is a virtualized geometry system that uses a new internal mesh format and rendering technology to render pixel scale detail and high object counts. It intelligently does work on only the detail that can be perceived and no more. Nanite's data format is also highly compressed, and supports fine-grained streaming with automatic level of detail. Because of it, the visual fidelity in Exverse rivals pre-rendered computer generated imagery.


Lumen is fully dynamic global illumination and reflections system. It renders diffuse interreflection with infinite bounces and indirect specular reflections in large, detailed environments at scales ranging from millimeters to kilometers. It will allow far more believable and dynamic environments in Exverse.


Chaos is a next-generation high-performance physics system for destructible meshes. Using Chaos’s features, we will be able to fracture, shatter, and demolish massive-scale scenes at cinematic quality. Chaos also supports static mesh dynamics, cloth, hair, vehicles, and rigid-body animation, and is integrated with Niagara for secondary effects such as dust and smoke.


Niagara is a VFX system that enhances traditional particle systems. With Niagara, we will create impressive particle simulations in Exverse, which will be adaptable and flexible.

Back-end and Front-end

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Redux
  • React.js
  • MicroMQ, a microservice framework based on native Node.js HTTP module and AMQP protocol, is used as a microservices arch.
  • RabbitMQ is used as a message broker.
  • Zabbix is our choice for a monitoring solution for network monitoring and application monitoring.