Game Concept

Exverse, a free-to-play metaverse, is a gamer’s companion as they explore adventurous quests, participate in battle tournaments, and engage in social activities.
We will provide an interoperable metaverse where users can build their own worlds, games, characters, and more. The Exverse metaverse encompasses three distinct planets, each with a unique set of offerings dedicated to optimizing the overall user experience. Players will be able to own, trade, sell & rent their in-game assets through our in-game marketplace.
Our team has access to over 300+ Unreal Developers & our core of highly experienced developers has had experience developing AAA games such as Call Of Duty, Halo, Apex Legends, Stalker 2, World Of Tanks, Ride 3 and are the top semi-finalists in the Unreal Engine Developer contest in 2021.

The Future

Exverse is designed with the community at its core and self-governance as its goal. The Exverse team will be responsible for developing and distributing initial world assets but eventually, the community will dictate and create new worlds in which users will be able to participate with their self-created assets in the ecosystem.
The team will be responsible for developing the functionalities that enable Exverse to sustain its own ecosystem and provide more creative opportunities for its users. Assets in the Exverse universe are NFTs designed to allow the creation of new gaming experiences.
Exverse has been ideated with an initial roadmap that will be developed over the coming months, with the full scope expected to take several years of development. To build the world & community of Exverse, we have created the $EXVG token. Community members & supporters who hold the tokens will have more access and will be able to shape the future of Exverse. Inside the Exverse universe, you can earn in the following ways:
  • Playing Matches against other real players on our Battle Planet
  • Playing PVE Modes and special seasonal offerings on our Quest Planet
  • Taking part in community activities and supporting the ecosystem via our Social Planet
  • Watch & Earn renting ad spaces in-game, rooting for teams/players & more
  • Selling skins that are earned from events or in-game progress
  • Selling treasure boxes or treasure box keys that are earned
  • Progressing through different Season & VIP Passes & account levels
  • Completing Special Events by participating in the Exverse activities
  • Staking tokens against other teams of players in different modes
  • Rent/Lend/Stake/Yield Farming NFTs
  • Being a creator contributing to the Exverse universe
Exverse will be catering to the professional E-sports scene with its strategic partners, our players will be able to earn larger rewards from:
  • Competing in Competitive mode and achieving seasonal rankings
  • Winning Tournaments organized with our strategic partners where our community contributes to the prize pool
  • Becoming a professional player ready for sponsorship or ambassadorship deals with Exverse or its partners
Core Features:
  • Built on Unreal Engine 5, for maximum immersion.
  • A completely in-house team, with its own community of more than 300 Unreal Engine developers.
  • First ever gamified metaverse that targets both web2 & web3 users.
  • Free-to-play, removing the barrier of entry for onboarding new users.
  • Interoperable, designed with the vision of integrating other worlds & projects via community demand.
  • No more worrying about creating a MetaMask! First-ever gaming experience for token purchases and withdrawals with no web3 wallet involved.
  • Simplicity, Exverse is designed to ease the onboarding process of new users via its simple UI, gameplay, & registration.
  • Watch & earn, win to earn, own to earn, build to earn. Do it your way.
  • Internal Marketplace, where users can trade their lands, skins & more.
  • Sustainable & intricate economy developed by the world's best.
Genre: Metaverse Economy: F2P and Play-and-Earn crypto economy with NFT in-game assets Format: 3rd Person Platform: PC Engine: Unreal 5 Rating: 16+
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